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Online Retailer Gives Free Apple iPad 2 With Cheapish Contract

If you're looking for a new mobile phone contract with loads of minutes and an iPad 2 tablet but baulk at the idea of forking out £399 initially, there might be a rather elegant solution at hand.

Buymobilephones is offering four versions of the iPad 2 (including the 32GB 3G model) for as little as £30.64 a month on a two year contract with a free phone (albeit a very basic one), £20 automatic cashback, 900 minutes, 500 texts and unlimited data.

The total cost of ownership of the bundle is £715.36 over the length of the contract; T-Mobile gives you a similar bundle on a 12-month contract for £20.62 per month SIM only and given that the phone itself costs a mere £10, it means that the actual cost of the iPad 2 comes down to around £210.

Prospective iPad 2 buyers can therefore look forward to getting an interest-free two year loan for an iPad 2 that will end up costing them around half the price.

The iPad 2 will go on sale tomorrow as from 5pm in a number of stores nationwide. We have compiled an exhaustive list of the stores here (ed : Comet needs to be added to the list as well).

The new tablet is more powerful than its predecessor, it is also slimmer, lighter, has two cameras and more importantly is cheaper.