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Retina Screen Coming To iPad 2 Successor By 2013?

Samsung offered a sneak peak at the future of its LCD portfolio for tablet-sized devices from from this year until 2015 and it looks likely that glassless 3D and "Retina Display" type pixel density are part of the plan.

Engadget published a number of slides that show how Samsung plans to increase the pixel density from the current 170ppi (as found on the Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy Tab 8.9) to up to 300ppi by 2013 and a whopping 400 ppi by 2015.

At the same time, Samsung predicts that power consumption will decrease by around 40 per cent, with a 24.8Whr battery being able to power a top-of-the-range screen for up to 10 hours (up from 6 hours currently).

Size will also go down although Samsung failed to quantify this; the slide also showed an option for glassless 3D which is quite interesting as the Korean company has just announced a strategic partnership with Masterimage 3D, a startup that specialises in cell-based parallax barrier 3D technology.

Even more interesting is the fact that Samsung manufactures the screen of the the iPad tablet (v1 and v2) and it is therefore extremely likely that this technology will end up in one of the successors of the iPad 2.

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