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RIM Pulls Police Detection Apps From Blackberry App World

Blackberry maker Research in Motion has announced that it will pull apps that help drunk drivers and other criminals evade police checkpoints, from its Blackberry App World.

The company's decision comes after four US democratic senators sent letters asking Apple, Google and RIM to remove DUI (Driving under the influence) apps from their respective online mobile application stores.

US Senators Harry Reid of Nevada, Charles Schumer of New York, Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey and Tom Udall of New Mexico, had written, “Giving drunk drivers a free tool to evade checkpoints, putting innocent families and children at risk, is a matter of public concern.”

The government believes that such tools, which allow drivers to get information on police checkpoints based on GPS data, could be used by criminals or drunk drivers to escape the law. The senators said in their letters that one of these apps had more than 10 million users though they didn't name individual apps other than PhantomALERT.

Expressing appreciation for RIM over its swift action, the Senators said in a joint statement, “Drunk drivers will soon have one less tool to evade law enforcement and endanger our friends and families. We appreciate RIM's immediate reply and urge the other smartphone makers to quickly follow suit.”