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Vodafone Offers Cheapest Apple iPad 2 Monthly Contract Yet

In a process that looks a lot like what happened last year, Vodafone has announced its tariff just a few hours after Orange and managed to undercut the latter by a a mere 50p.

Like its France Telecom-owned counterpart, Vodafone is offering the 3G iPad 2 for £199 on a two year contract costing £24.50 per month.

The deal includes 2GB worth of data allowance (compared to the 1GB anytime and 1GB quiet time for Orange) and 1GB data allowance on BT Openzone (compared to 10GB for Orange).

Each additional GB worth of data used will cost £15 which is fair enough; Only Three Mobile has yet to announce its pricing as O2 has already confirmed that it will not sell the iPad 2.

A spokesperson for Virgin Media told us that they won't issue any announcement on any new products which almost certainly means that they won't stock it.

The tablet will go on sale tomorrow at 5pm at Apple stores as well as through a number of high street retailers across the country.

Apple stores are opened until late normally and it is likely that many Apple partners will have to follow suit in order not to lose on sales.