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Windows Phone 7 cut and paste goes live

Seattle software makers Microsoft has deployed the first major update to their mobile phone Windows Phone 7 OS, which brings with it the much awaited Cut and Paste feature.

Windows Phone 7 handset owners are notified the update is available, by an over the air message that details the mobile has qualified for the update. This essentially is the first service pack to WP7 and is only downloadable from the Zune computer software, where it’s installed from there and in much the same way as Samsung’s hot fixes are rolled out.

The SIM free and unlocked versions of the WP7 mobiles will receive the new iteration of the operating system first; network dependent handsets will have their updates deployed within time.

Version 7.0.7390.0 delivers copy and paste, faster apps and games, a better Marketplace search along with other Marketplace improvements, WIFI enhancements, Outlook updates, messaging improvements, better Facebook integration, camera and audio enhancements along with a better overall stability to the OS.

The most sought after ability is the copy and paste, where just tapping a word, then dragging the markers to select the word or sentence offers an icon to copy the text. This new feature is available inside of emails, text messages, web pages, Office documents and basically anywhere you can enter text

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