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World's Smallest SSD Disc On Chip Shipped

Storage company Foremay has announced today that it has shipped the smallest SSD disk on chip (DOC), one that is less than the size of a US quarter coin, measuring a mere 22x22x1.8mm and currently ships in 32GB capacity.

The DOC - which is a NAND drive - can be soldered directly on the motherboard via LGA or BGA pins which makes it ideal for embedded and rugged laptops and other portable devices.

Foremay quotes read/write speeds of 70MBps and 40MBps respectively for the DOC which is part of the OC177 G-Series family of SSD; that's only a fraction of what you can expect from a traditional SSD but should be sufficient for most applications.

Jack Winters, CTO of Foremay, said in a statement that "DOC drive eliminates the need to have a disk drive attached to the computer motherboard" and confirmed that a 64GB version will ship in the third quarter of 2011.

The parts will only be available to OEMs rather than end users; Foremay hasn't confirmed the pricing of the SSD but given the nature of the device, it is unlikely to come cheap.