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Yahoo Launches New Search Direct Tool

Yahoo has brought out a new search tool that allows users to view search results as soon as they start typing their search queries, similar to Google Instant but with an added twist.

Yahoo Search Direct search technology will let users get search results, before they finish typing the query, hit the enter button or scan the page for adequate results, the company said.

Shashi Seth, senior vice president of Yahoo! Search and Marketplaces, said in a statement, “With today's launch, direct answers – not the search results page – is the primary focus. We are redefining the search process and prominently displaying direct answers where search decisions are being made.”

“Search Direct is evidence of Yahoo! continuing to lead innovation in search, enabling people to take action faster, find what is most important, and sample what is possible with the next stage of search technology,” he added.

Apart from giving instant search results, Search Direct will also let users view the top ten search results of the day, which is updated every ten minutes.

Search Direct is a result of Yahoo's continued efforts to re-establish it self as a major player in the online content, search and advertisement market.

The company has outsourced its entire search back-end process to Microsoft Bing and is focusing entirely on enhancing user experience and introducing new search products.