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Apple iPad 2 UK Launch : At Least 2 To 3 Weeks Waiting

Apple opened its online store this morning at 1am for those looking to beat the crowd and get an early start; demand must have vastly outstrip supply because the delivery time quoted for all 12 stock keeping unit is now two to three weeks.

Visitors to the Apple UK iPad 2 purchase page will also see that there is a two-item limit for each; no chances for those trying to bulk-resell the tablet.

The delay is the same for other European countries as well. This doesn't arguably bode well for the rest of the day as Twitter is abuzz with reports of the queue for the Regent Street store reaching 100 people with even more people queuing outside the Apple store in Covent Garden.

There are even reports of queues building up in front of other stores (like PC World) as well across London.

The iPad 2 goes on sale in the UK from 5pm this afternoon and Apple has requested that the resellers close their stores at 4pm in order to equip and prepare their stores appropriately.

For a complete list of retailers that will sell the iPad 2 as from today both online and offline, click here.