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Apple Will Overtake IBM And HP In Two Years, Analyst Says

Apple's phenomenal growth is expected to continue for the next two years, escalating its revenue to $200 billion, a prominent analyst has predicted.

Forrester Research's founder and CEO George Colony told Bloomberg that the company's rising sales and growth could allow it to become bigger than IT giants IBM and Hewlett-Packard.

Colony said that Apple will continue to post more than 50 per cent year-on-year growth for the next two years, building on the hugely popular iPhone and iPad devices. He said that Apple's ecosystem of mobile apps and downloadable media will ensure customers keep on buying Apple devices thereby increasing the company's revenue.

“They’ll be bigger than IBM next year, and they’ll be bigger than HP the year after that,” Colony said during an interview. Judging by Apple's current growth rate, “they’re going to be a $200 billion revenue company”.

A Bloomberg survey has revealed that analysts expect Apple to register a $100.3 billion sales figures in the fiscal year ending September. HP on the other hand, had posted $126 billion in sales for the year that ended in October while IBM had $99.9 billion in revenue last year.

Apple's exceptional run could, however, start to stumble when CEO Steve Jobs steps down. Jobs is battling a rare form of cancer and is currently on his third medical leave in the last seven years.