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Facebook Launches New 'Facebook Questions' Feature

Facebook has launched an updated question and answer tool Facebook Questions, with the emphasis on obtaining simple brief answers from a network of friends and contacts.

The company has updated the product making it more integrated with the platform's core system. Facebook wanted to make the questions easier and faster to answer, often requiring just one click or term.

Answers come in the form of a quick poll, with a clear overview and simple presentation that doesn't require lots of reading. The answers also come with links to relevant pages on Facebook, which could be useful if the user is looking for a particular movie or a place to eat.

Facebook explained that any question asked by users will be posted on their news feed and if their friends decide to contribute then the question will spread to their friends and contacts as well.

A Facebook spokesperson said in an email to PC Mag, “We limited the beta release of Questions to a very small percentage of users in order to gather feedback.”

“We wanted to take our time to learn how people on Facebook would use it. In the process, we found that the greatest value was being able to ask your friends questions which is how we came to the product we've launched today,” the spokesperson added.