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iPad 2 already in short supply in UK and Europe

It looks like fears that Apple would fail to meet demand in the UK for the iPad 2 were well founded.

Online stocks of the Second Coming of the ground-breaking gadget are non-existent with even early-bird potential punters being told they'll have to wait between two and three weeks for delivery of every single iPad 2 variant.

Now it's feared that anyone hoping to pick up and iPad 2 at their local store will be out of luck, and even those willing to queue for hours on end will need to be quite close to the front of the line to be in with a shout of going home with Apple's latest tablet offering clutched in their trembling hands.

If you're standing in line and hear any news of stocks, please let us know what's what in the comments below. We'll be ringing around the UK's Apple Stores to see if they'll give us any idea of stock levels as soon as they open at 9.30am and we'll keep you informed.