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iPad 2 racing game gets full 1080p HD TV output

Game developer Firemint has announced that the next upgrade to Real Racing 2 will feature full 1080p output to a TV.

The realistic racer, which is already one of the first titles to use the iPad 2's improved processing and graphics grunt, will be the first to offer full high-definition gaming on an external screen using Apple's HDMI out adaptor.

It will run full screen with no black borders and native resolution without scaling, at a solid 30 fps.

Firemint is being a bit coy about when the update will happen but with the current buzz surrounding the second coming of Apple's tablet, and the possibility that Real Racing 2 HD will become the platform's killer gaming app, we'd be willing to bet both Apple and the game developer will be pulling out all of the stops to bring this one to market.

As developers get to grips with Apple's new A5 dual core architecture and the iPad 2's improved graphics, you can expect to see bigger and better games over coming months but, as a foretaste of things to come, RR2HD is pretty impressive, as we're sure you'll agree from the video below.