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Nintendo Releases 3DS Firmware Update, Already

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has released a firmware update for its 3DS hand-held gaming device, before it even went on sale in the UK.

The firmware, first of many to come, will come with improvements to the overall system stability, an upgrade to the SpotPass feature for receiving notifications and other data, and enhance the network connectivity function to support “wireless Internet access points that were previously unavailable”, the company said.

Nintendo has also released a fun new video from the band 'OK Go' along with the update. Users will be able to view the video once they have installed the firmware tweak.

The 3DS console, which has already launched in Japan, will allow users to play video games without wearing special glasses. The device will come with support for Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. Nintendo will be also offering a media store, which will offer in-game content and other media. In the US, the 3Ds will also come with the Netflix movie streaming service.

Nintendo says that it is fully prepared for today's 3DS launch and has assured customers that the stocks won't run dry. The console, which is the most pre-ordered gaming device ever on, is being launched nationwide today, Friday 25th March.

“Obviously if people buy loads over the next few weeks, perhaps we might experience pockets where there aren't any, but we've brought in more units of the Nintendo 3DS than we have done with any other console,” the company said.