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Samsung makes Galaxy Tab prices official

The whole tech world might be going iPad 2 crazy today, but Samsung has decided to steal a wee bit of Apple's thunder by officially announcing prices for the Galaxy Tab.

The 16GB Wi-Fi-only nine-incher weighs in at $469, and adding 100 bucks will bump the onboard storage to 32GB. It's worth bearing in mind that both models come with SD slots, and with plenty of 16GB cards available for around 20 bucks and 32GB weighing in at less than $35 in some cases, this one seems like a bit of a no-brainer.

The 16GB Wi-Fi-only ten-incher seems like a bit of a bargain at an iPad-aping $499 and the same rules apply when it comes to storage.

There's no indication of the premium charged for cellular connectivity but Apple adds $100 for mobile tech across the board and following the Mac maker's pricing model as well as all of its other tablet innovations seems to be de rigeuer.

The best Samsung will offer as far as release dates go is June for the the Wi-Fi variants and 'early summer' for the 3G models. It's not clear whether those deadlines, however vague, are for a worldwide launch or USA only.