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TripAdvisor Confirms Customer Database Security Breach

Hackers have stolen a portion of the member email list for Expedia owned travel website TripAdvisor, the company has reassured cutomers that passwords remain secure.

In an email to affected customers, TripAdvisor said that an unauthorised third party had gained access to the company's database and stolen a part of the email list. TripAdvisor said that a majority of users won't notice any difference but warned that some users might be bombarded with spam email.

“We've confirmed the source of the vulnerability and shut it down. We're taking this incident very seriously and are actively pursuing the matter with law enforcement,” TripAdvisor CEO Steve Kaufer.

The company refused to divulge the number of users affected by the security breach but confirmed that the passwords used by the members were not compromised. TripAdvisor also added that it does not store credit card or other financial information, nor has it ever sold or rented its customer email list to third parties.

The website, which has around 20 million active users, did not say when or how the data breach and theft occurred but stated that it will be implementing additional security measures to ensure that the incident is not repeated.