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Tweeting, Tablets And Smartphones Now Permitted In UK Parliament

Members of the House of Commons will now be able to post updates from within the Chamber via smartphones and tablet PCs.

The Commons Procedure Committee released a report in which it said that MPs should be allowed to use Twitter 'with decorum and regard for others'.

“Tweeting about proceedings from the galleries is in our view no different in degree from presenters commenting on live broadcasts of proceedings or indeed from tweeting or blogging about proceedings when watched from outside the chamber,” the report said.

The committee ruled that MPs will be allowed to refer to electronic devices like smartphones and iPads rather than handwritten notes while making speeches. Laptops and devices larger than an A4 size sheet remained banned owing to a lack of space within the chamber.

The committee, headed by Greg Knight, the MP for East Yorkshire, believes that banning certain electronic devices would make the House of Commons appear 'out of touch with modern life' and would mean that MPs would be the last to know about the news breaking on the internet.

The new changes, which will be on trial for a period of one year, will allow MPs to use electronic devices for any purpose when they are not speaking and will allow them to use the devices as an 'aide memoire' while speaking.