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Why Should I Not Buy The iPad 2 Now?

After mulling over why you should buy the iPad 2 at launch, the logical follow-up is why you shouldn't get one and there are many reasons to hold back on buying that tablet with only one hour to go.

The 12 versions of the iPad 2 are almost certainly going to fall in price in the near future as Apple gives more leeway to its partners to deliver vouchers and discounts. Apple itself is very unlikely to cut prices but rather than penalising its partners as it did in the past, it will allow them more flexibility.

The accessories are expensive right now but will become less expensive in the future as more companies, especially those from the far-east Asia, get their hands on the final product and pump out weird and wonderful iPad 2 accessories.

Rivals are getting better so it is worth waiting a bit and seeing what Android tablets like the HTC Flyer, the Motorola XOOM and others will look like and feel at launch. Given that Samsung prelaunched its 10-inch tablet only a few months ago only to replace it two days ago with a new slimmer one shows how resourceful some companies can be. As Apple is likely to stick to a yearly product cycle, competitors have plenty of time to come up with something more spectacular within the next few months.

The improvements are not hugely impressive compared to the original iPad, so if you have the old one, it might be better just to stick to the current one instead either until the pip squeak or if you desperately need the additional CPU horsepower, the better graphics capabilities or the two cameras for Facetime.