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Apple iPad 2 Buyers To Wait For Almost A Month

Those buying the iPad 2 online may now have to wait for up to one month in order to get their hands on Apple's latest tablet as the online store now says that the shipping time will be between three and four weeks for all the 12 stock keeping units.

Some of our readers have mentioned that Apple has been listing the shipping times as two to three weeks since it opened as 1am yesterday and it seems that Apple chose this strategy from the start to dampen the expectations of the Apple aficionado when it comes to delivery times.

In addition, even orders processed at 3am this morning seems to have had a confirmed delivery date for the 26th of April. Given that Apple will process online sale first (since they are direct and generate more revenue), it looks likely that stocks will be very thin indeed until the end of Spring at least.

Last year, iPhone 4 delivery dates were also significantly longer than the actual delivery period. In fact when we ordered our phone last year, we actually received it within 24 hours rather than 30 days as initially indicated.