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Apple wins round in patent spat with Nokia

A U.S. Trade Commission judge has made an initial ruling in the it-for-tat spat between Apple and Nokia over phone patents, deciding that Apple didn't infringe a bunch of Nokia patents in its iPhones and iPads.

The Finnish one-time king of the mobile phone market recently filed 13 patent complaints against Apple, bringing its total number of claims over disputed technologies against the computer maker to 24.

Nokia filed the complaints with courts in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as the U.S.. Apple has filed complaints of its own against Nokia in the UK and US.

James Gildea, a judge on the U.S. International Trade Commission, decided that Apple hasn't violated a bunch of the disputed patents, but it's early days yet. The ITC has 60 days to mull the decision, before deciding to either accept or review it.

Nokia filed its first 10 patent infringement claims against Apple in late 2009 and then had a rummage through its paperwork before firing off a few more. Apple countersued with a bunch of complaints of its own.