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Apple iPad 2 Glass Way Stronger Than Expected

Apple has succeeded not only in making its screen significantly thinner than the previous version but it has also managed to make it was stronger than it ever was.

A real life test by iPhone repair experts iFixyouri showed that the iPad 2 glass is not only just as strong as the original one but also, and more importantly, very flexible which makes it more likely to everyday tumbles and knocks.

The repair shop went as far as dropping the glass from a normal height and it wouldn't break. Apple managed to shave 27 per cent of the glass's width which helped reduced the thickness of the iPad 2 to by 33 per cent.

There were fears, initially, that a thinner glass might cause some quality issues and iFixit reported that changing the screen to a better one would be significantly more difficult because Apple switched to a solution that involves using a lot of glue rather than clips.

The repair shop also noted that while the "LCD is really easy to remove once the front panel is gone", using glue "greatly increasing the chances of cracking the glass when trying to remove it" and that foam used increases the "chances of it being shattered during disassembly".