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Amazon Cloud Music And Video Locker Just Weeks Away?

Amazon is apparently planning to launch its own cloud music and video locker storage service, with an official announcement coming as soon as next week.

According to a report on Cnet, sources within the film and music industry have confirmed that the company has spoken to major record companies and Hollywood film studios about an online locker service.

Amazon is creating a service that would let consumers store their existing music, movie and book collections on the cloud based locker, even those which have not been purchased via Amazon. The company is yet to receive the licenses for the service but could announce the before anything is finalised.

Amazon is looking to make the first move in the emerging cloud based digital media locker market.

The news comes after sources revealed that search behemoth Google is testing a similar music locker service on its employees. The service is yet to be officially announced as the company is also trying to negotiate with record labels over the necessary licenses.

Apple is also reportedly working on a similar cloud based iTunes locker service but is yet to confirm anything concrete. The company is expected to launch the service alongside the new iOS 5 and a revamped MobileMe service.