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Google Introduces 'Disco' Group Messaging App

Google has brought out a group text messaging service called Disco as a web based app as well as an iPhone app.

Disco, which was released without great fanfare, has been created by Slide, the iPhone app developer start-up Google acquired for $182 million in August 2010.

The service is initially only available in the US, and surprisingly, the service is not yet available for Google Android. This could be because Slide is being run as an independent company under the Google umbrella.

Furnished with a minimalistic user interface, Disco allows users to create an account for their mobile numbers via, a web domain acquired by Google for $250,000. Users can start sending text messages using the app or the online version after they have created various groups.

Users name their groups as they please and can add any mobile numbers they wish, upto a limit of 25. The user is given a single phone number which relates to a particular group, any text sent to that number will be delivered to the entire list of people.

The owner of each number receives a text message to inform them that their number has been added to a group text messaging list, along with the name of the group to which they have been assigned.