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iPhone Alarm Malfunction Makes Many Late

Several iPhone users in the UK arrived late for work after the alarms on their mobile devices went off at the wrong time owing to a software glitch.

According to BBC News, alarms set by several iPhone users either rang an hour too late, an hour too early or didn't ring at all. The problem coincided with the clocks going one hour forward for British Summer Time.

Users who set non-recurring alarms via the iPhone calendar app were the ones affected, those who used the dedicated alarm were woken up at the right time.

Apple has been repeatedly pelted with requests to fix the issue after a similar thing happened last November, but the company has not obliged. Some believe that the issue only affects users running older versions of the iOS software but the company has not confirmed anything yet.

Irritated iPhone owners took to social networking websites like Twitter in order to vent their anger. One user wrote, “iPhone alarm failed twice. 1) went off at 5.45 instead of 6.45. 2) Didn't go off at all when I reset it. Time to update software.”

The iPhone alarm glitch first surfaced in the US in November last year, before the same thing happened again on January 1st 2011, after which the company said they would address the issue.