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Kingston releases fix for V100 SSD firmware flaw

Kingston has announced an updated firmware for its SSDNow V100 solid-state storage devices after discovering a problem which can result in drive failure.

Although the issue - which is a bug in the firmware of the drives rather than the hardware - affects only 'a small percentage' of the drives on the market, the company is recommending that all SSDNow V100 owners update as soon as possible.

Solid state drives are gaining in popularity among both enthusiasts and business users, with the benefits - increased speeds, shock proofing, and lower power draw - far outweighing the negatives - relatively high cost per gigabyte and limited capacities compared to traditional mechanical hard drives.

This latest hiccough is unlikely to slow interest in the technologies, but has likely proven a headache for the 'small percentage' of users affected by the flaw. Although Kingston's warranty covers replacement of the drives in the event of this kind of failure, any data stored on the drive is likely gone for good - highlighting the importance of a regular, robust, and tested backup regime.

The updated firmware covers the bulk of Kingston's range, from the base 64GB model to the high-end 256GB versions. A complete list of models affected is available on the company's support site - along with the all-important link to download the update.