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Main iPad 2 Glitches Revealed

Owners of the newest iPad model have taken to Apple forums and other online support forums to report certain hardware and software glitches that are affecting the device.

While the main conern for many in the UK seems to be how to get hold of the device, a number of defects have surfaced with the iPad 2 since its US launch. A top ten list of reported faults has been assembled by the website The iPad Guide.

One of the complaints by several users is about the iPad 2's FaceTime application, which has been freezing during calls. The device then needs to be restarted before the application will work again. Another of the problems customers are most frequently mentioning is with the backlight which is bleeding from the edges of the tablet's display.

The iPad 2's high definition video camera is also reportedly experiencing some issues with 'wonky' colours while recording video. The problem is not hugely noticeable, but is still a cause of contention for users who have spent £400 or more on the device.

According to PC World, other issues that are being widely reported include a bug relating to wireless connection, which should have been fixed with the iOS 4.3.1 update, yellow patches on the screen caused by an adhesive, dead pixels and the device's speaker getting stuck in headphone mode.