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Microsoft Predicts 39% SMB Cloud Adoption In Three Years

A new Microsoft survey has revealed that 39 per cent of small and medium businesses are planning to invest in one or more cloud based services in the next three years.

According to Microsoft's 'SMB Cloud Adoption Study 2011', which studied the impact of cloud services on SMBs, the number of cloud services that SMBs have to pay for will almost double in most of the countries in the next three years.

Around 82 per cent of SMBs believe that taking services from a provider with a local presence was highly critical or important.

Microsoft said that hosting service providers could seriously profit from the rise in demand of cloud based services like collaboration, back-up and data storage.

Marco Limena, vice president of Business Channels in the Worldwide Communications Sector at Microsoft, said “As cloud computing becomes more ubiquitous and SMBs' existing IT becomes outdated, adoption will grow rapidly. Hosting service providers should consider the appropriate sales, delivery and support models to target larger SMB customers that are more likely to pay for cloud services.”

The software giant predicted that within the next three years, 43 per cent of a company's entire work load will be cloud based, 28 per cent will be on-premise, while 29 per cent will be free.