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Start Up Britain web site suggests we're doomed

A new web site which purports to help new entrepreneurs to get started in business has launched today.

Start Up Britain's 'brand principles' say it was 'Designed to celebrate, inspire and accelerate enterprise in the UK', and has 'the full backing of the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and HM Government'.

From what we can tell, it was also designed to sell the products and services of the companies supporting the initiative in the most transparent shower of self promotion we have seen for quite some time.

Did someone say 'shameless self-promotion?'. I'm in.

The long list of brands associated with the project, which includes Microsoft, Google, O2, HP and Barclays, are all offering nothing more than discounts to existing services you could almost certainly get elsewhere.

The rest of the site is almost entirely made up of links to other businesses or government web sites, the vast majority of which are also trying to flog you something.

The site's creator says it has the full support of both David Cameron and the entire UK government, but it's painfully clear that that support didn't include any cash.

Several of the links are broken, some of them even kicking Google's safe browsing warnings into action, and those that do work are of little or no use.

Our particular favourite is link under 'Business Ideas' which leads to a Tech Crunch article about the launch of Start Up Britain. Genius.

Rather than helping potential entrepreneurs to get a foot on the slippery ladder of business, the whole sorry shambles appears to be a cynical promotional tool for existing companies.

Quite frankly, if this is the best the Con-Dem coalition can come up with to get Britain's economy kick-started we might as well just give up now.