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US Devises 'Panic Button' App For Pro-Democracy Rebels

The US government is developing a 'panic button' for pro-democracy activists that will allow them to wipe data from their cell phones and send alerts to fellow campaigners if their mobiles get confiscated.

The panic button is a part of the US government's ongoing initiative to develop technology that would help protect pro-democracy campaigners in countries in the Middle East, Africa and China.

The US government, in its 'fight for freedom' across the globe, is developing the panic button as a tool for activists to fight back against repressive regimes.

Michael Posner, assistant U.S. secretary of state for human rights and labour, proclaimed to The Daily Mail, “We've been trying to keep below the radar on this, because a lot of the people we are working with are operating in very sensitive environments.”

Posner also said that the government, apart from funding projects that are working towards helping activists across the globe with innovative new technology, has also funded the training of 5,000 activists across the world on how to use technology to spread their message and protect themselves.

“A lot of activists don't know what their options are. They don't have access to technology,” he added.