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Wi-Fi On London Underground Project Upsetting Many Passengers

The arrival of Wi-Fi and mobile networks on London Underground is apparently an unwelcomed event for many Londoners according to a poll carried out by Which? through its polling arm, Conversation.

The consumer group found out that a staggering 30 per cent of Londoners polled didn't want to have Wi-Fi and mobile networks on the London Undergound, half as much as those who back the introduction of the new technology.

More than half of those surveyed said that the ability to communicate underground would allow them to inform their friends and families about whether or not they'd be late.

Nearly a third said that they would use the technology to chat with family and friends, possibly either through voice or through Facebook or Twitter.

A spokeswoman for Which? said that “Our research shows that while most tube users will welcome Wi-Fi reception at underground stations there’s a significant minority who’re more than happy to be cut off from the outside world.”

More than 120 stations across London Underground will be equipped with Wi-Fi and mobile phone connectivity before June 2012, shortly before the London Olympics starts.

The research did not shed light on why so many were against the roll out of the technology outright; it would also be of interest to know how the opposition against Wi-Fi and mobile is spread across age groups.