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20,000 Twitter Users Make Half Of All Tweets, Study Finds

Almost 50 per cent of tweets on micro-blogging platform Twitter are made by an 'elite' group of 20,000 users, a study has revealed.

According to the 'Who Says What to Whom on Twitter' report compiled by Yahoo Research, only 20,000 Twitter users, across four categories, make half of the tweets posted on the platform.

The 20,000 'elite' tweeters, which comprise 0.05 per cent of Twitter's user base, fall under the categories of media, celebrities, organizations and bloggers. The remaining 50 per cent of tweets are sent by 'ordinary' users.

Even though the data used for the study is slightly old, it nonetheless indicates that there is a high concentration of activity from certain sources on the platform, which recently celebrated five years in existence.

“The media produces the most information, but celebrities are the most followed. We also find significant homophily within categories: celebrities listen to celebrities, while bloggers listen to bloggers etc; however, bloggers in general rebroadcast more information than the other categories,” the report said.

The study establishes that Twitter, which played a significant role in organising protests in Egypt, is more of a central information hub than a social network. The platform is being constantly used by journalists and bloggers to break news stories and has become a medium for live news and event coverage.