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Apple Developer Conference sells out in 10 hours

Tickets for Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference have sold out, just ten hours after the event was announced.

The five-day shindig which runs from June 6-10 at San Francisco's Moscone West centre has always been oversubscribed, but the previous record for the thousands of ticket sales was eight days.

Since Apple opened up its walled garden with the release of iOS a few years ago and the Mac App Store a few months ago, the developer community's numbers have shot up from a few hundred to over 100,000 which makes it all the more surprising that WWDC still takes place in the same venue.

The conference, as well as being a showcase for changes to Apple's desktop operating system OSX, the mobile version iOS and all other things related to software, has also been used as a launching board for hardware in the past with both the iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 making their debut there.

But this year rumour has it that Apple will be concentrating on OSX Lion and iOS 5, cooling speculation that the iPhone 5 would see the light of day during Steve Jobs' keynote, probably on June 6th.

Whatever the itinerary, thousands of people have paid $1600 for a ticket to the event, and we have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that, given a bigger venue, thousands more would have coughed up the cash.

Apple is remaining tight-lipped about exactly how many tickets were sold, and declined our request for a comment about the future of WWDC and the need for a bigger venue in future.