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Britons Less Interested In Tablet PCs, Survey Shows

A new global survey has revealed that a majority of Britons are not interested in purchasing a tablet pc device.

According to a survey conducted by market research firm TNS, only 17 per cent of Britons are interested in buying a tablet device in the next six months, while the figure was far higher overseas at 28 per cent across Europe and 31 per cent in Asia.

Despite long queues outside retail stores to purchase Apple's newest iPad 2, most Britons don't seem persuaded to buy a tablet device.

The survey, which interviewed 34,000 people in 43 countries world wide, found that there are 17 million smartphone users in the UK, out of which 31 per cent download apps and 26 per cent download games, the highest figures for any country throughout Europe.

TNS revealed that approximately a third of Britons feel that content and applications are instrumental in deciding which mobile phone to purchase while 45 per cent believed that the design of the device was important. Only a third of Britons decided on their mobile devices on the basis of the mobile phone operator.

Stephen Yap, Group Director at TNS Technology, said in a statement, “Handset makers and operators take note: it’s no longer just about the device or the network, but rather what people are doing and downloading.”