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BT Commences Super Fast Broadband Rollout In Cornwall

BT has launched its super fast broadband program in Cornwall, connecting the first rural customers to its high speed internet.

The rollout is a part of a £132 million project aimed at bringing super fast broadband to Britain's rural areas. The BT service in Cornwall offers high speed internet to 1,000 businesses and homes in the Chiverton Cross and Chacewater areas.

The company also expects to bring the super fast broadband service to 14,000 more businesses and households in St Agnes, St Day, Portreath, Devoran, Leedstown, Stenalees and Par by the end of this week. BT aims to have connected at least 80 per cent of Cornwall's population with the new connection by 2014.

The project has been funded jointly by BT and the European Regional Development Fund Convergence programme, while the rollout has been overseen by the Cornwall Development Company and Cornwall Council.

“The speed of roll-out compares well with anything of a similar nature in the UK or abroad. Typically, you could expect to see the first customers connected about a year or so after the signing of the contract, but we’ve managed it in about six months,” Nigel Ashcroft, programme director of Superfast Cornwall for the Cornwall Development Company, said in a statement.