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Intel Introduces New 320 series SSDs

Chip maker Intel has updated its solid state drive portfolio with the launch of its 320 series SSDs, which offer enhanced performance at a lower price.

According to the company, the third-generation 320 Series solid state drives (SSDs) have been developed using the 25nm scale NAND flash memory, which has resulted in a 30 per cent reduction in cost and offers a 66 per cent increase in system performance.

The 320 series SSDs come as a replacement for Intel's highly popular X25 SSD line and offer enhanced write and read speeds of 220MB/s and 270MB/s respectively. Intel says that the high-end 320 SSDs can perform 39,500 i/o operations per second.

Consumers who order 1,000 units or more will have to pay the figure of $159 for 80GB drives, $209 for 120GB, $289 for 160GB, $529 for 300GB and $1,069 for 600GB. Intel says that the SSDs will come with a three year warranty and will support 128-bit encryption.

Tom Rampone, general manager of Intel's NVM Solutions Group, said in a statement, “We see the Intel SSD 320 as a solid advancement to our SSD roadmap, and will continue to upgrade and refresh our SSD product line as we add more enterprise options for our business customers throughout the year.”