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MobileMe Music Locker To Cost $20 Annually?

Apple's upcoming MobileMe music locker service, which will let users store music on the cloud, will come with a $20 annual subscription fee, according to reports.

According to a report on music news website The Music Void, Apple is pressurising music labels into giving it the necessary licenses to let consumers store their existing and newly purchased music files on the MobileMe cloud.

The company, which is expected to launch the revamped MobileMe in April, has already scored a deal with Warner and has been using the agreement as leverage to bring other record labels on board before the service is launched in April.

Sources told The Music Void that Universal Music and EMI were 'push overs' and would easily grant Apple the licenses but the iPhone maker could have problems with Sony, which is most likely to delay in giving licenses for its music.

A revamped MobileMe service has been on the cards for a long time, with Apple opening a $1 billion data center in North Carolina largely for its iTunes and MobileMe service. It was rumoured that the MobileMe service would be available for free.

Apple will have to hurry if it wants to be first to the music locker market as rivals Amazon and Google are also reportedly planning to launch similar services soon.