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Nintendo 3DS Manufacturing Cost Over $100 Per Unit

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has production costs of $103.25 for a single unit of the 3DS 3D gaming console, which has received wide-eyed reactions since its launch.

According to analysis conducted by iSuppli, the device, which is currently retailing at £180 in the UK, has the highest manufacturing costs of any hand-held gaming device the company has produced, costing 33 per cent more than the previous Nintendo DSi device.

iSuppli said that the two displays used in the console, both manufactured by Sharp, cost $33.80, accounting for 33 per cent of the total bill for materials. The device comes with a 3.5-inch 800x240 pixel '3D' display and a simple LCD display.

Sharp is also responsible for providing the processor used in the 3DS, for which Nintendo pays $10 for each console, costing 15 per cent more than the processor in the DSi.

The company also said that the 2GB memory device procured from Samsung, costs 8 per cent more than the 256 MB storage card on the DSi. The 3D photography camera on the 3DS costs $4.70, a price 20 cents higher than the camera on DSi, iSuppli said.

Nintendo released the 3DS device in the UK on March 25th. The device, which saw a huge turnout for its midnight launch across stores in the UK, has been hit by a 'black screen of death' fault reported by several gamers in its first week.