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O2 Introduces New Tariff, Now Includes Tethering

O2 has completely changed its pay monthly tariffs for new and upgrading customers, including those on the iPhone, with the aim of making the process of choosing new tariffs, simpler and more flexible.

This means for example that customers will be able to choose their data allowance independently of their minutes and texts; a customer buying a 24-months contract with a phone, 50 minutes, 250 texts and 100MB will pay at £13.50 per month.

The 100MB package costs £3 per month while the 500MB package costs £6 and comes with unlimited Wi-Fi and 20 MMS and A 1GB data bolt-on will cost £10, include unlimited Wi-Fi and 50 MMS; all three data bolt-ons will include the tethering option.

O2 has introduced shorter 12-month contracts with phones included which are only available for those customers looking to upgrade and cost as little as £15.50 per month. There's also a "Pay Monthly Rewards" scheme which doles out rewards based on how much you spend with O2.

As for the SIM-free packages, they now cost anywhere between £10.50 and £41, depending on the amount of minutes and texts needed and the duration of the contract. As it is the case for Pay Monthly tariffs, data allowance is not included.

The price of the bolt-ons including International favourites, family bolt-on and discount country haven't changed nor have the pay as you go tariffs. More about the latest changes here.