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O2 trials out 4G network

Mobile phone network O2 has released details of their 4G network trials, which are currently taking part in Slough at the present time.

O2 has reported the fourth generation 250Mbps mobile phone network tests are surrounding the LTE standard, with six mobile cell towers in the Berkshire borough serving up traffic on this next gen system.

This setup is being run by O2's research and development team and is the first of its kind in the UK. The six masts are capable of handling the same tariff volume as O2's entire UK 3G network infrastructure with 22 million of the company’s customers.

Long Term Evolution, or LTE, as it’s more commonly known is still in a trail phase, although O2 believes it already shows promise considering the amount of data just half a dozen masts can handle.

This next stage in the phone’s network speed and throughput is set to drive mobile broadband on furthermore, whilst being able to possibly consolidate networks that have to support not one but two technologies in a 2G and 3G network variants.

2G was designed around voice, with 3G offering a mixture of voice and data abilities but not really dedicated to either one where 4G is centred around data – with voice being an add on.

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