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PS3 Hacker's Lawyers Claim Sony Misleading The Court

PS3 hacker George Hotz's lawyers have moved to get the lawsuit filed by Sony Computer Entertainment of America, thrown out of court.

According to a court filing made by Hotz's lawyers, SCEA has been accused of providing misleading information to the court about the lawsuit.

Hotz's lawyers claim that SCEA 'flooded the docket' with affidavits from its lawyers and employees, claiming the proper jurisdiction over the hacker is in California. The lawyers point out that Hotz is a single individual and not a corporation and can't afford to fight the lawsuit from the other side of the country.

“SCEA has only continued to flood the docket with dubious information, such as irrelevant hearsay blog postings filed under seal, and misleading affidavits from enigmatic employees with no explanations of the source of their personal knowledge,” the filing read.

The lawyers also claim that Hotz and other hackers had been working on the PlayStation 3 console, a device which is manufactured and sold by Sony of Japan, and not the SCEA, which is responsible for the PlayStation Network, an online multi-player gaming platform. Being two separate legal entities, SCEA has no right to fight a lawsuit on behalf of Sony of Japan, the lawyers claimed.