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Sony Ericsson Permits Boot Loader Unlocking In Xperia Phones

Sony Ericsson has moved to allow users to unlock the boot loader on some of its smartphone devices, much to the delight of homebrew enthusiasts.

The company said that users will be able to unlock the boot loader on its new Android based Xperia devices including Arc, Neo, Pro and Play among others.

In a blog post, Karl-Johan Dahlström, Senior Program Architect at Sony Ericsson, said that the company is developing a method to allow 'advanced coders' to unlock the boot loader on Sony Ericsson devices in a safe and secure manner.

The company said that it was bombarded with requests to allow boot loader unlock on its devices but had refused to do so because it "would violate important business agreements with many of our partners, such as operator customers and developers."

“The only way to determine if you can unlock the boot loader for your phone is to connect your phone to the Fastboot tool in the Android SDK. If your phone can connect to Fastboot, the boot loader can be unlocked,” the company explained.

Sony Ericsson warned users that they may void the warranty of the device if they unlock the boot loader. They also said that if Sony Ericsson performed a warranty repair, they may charge a handling fee for additional incurred costs arising from software modifications.