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Latest version of Firefox arrives on Android

Popular web browsing company Firefox has brought out its latest web surfing tool, for Android devices with the new Firefox 4.

Mozilla Firefox 4 for Android brings with it customisation, support for modern web technologies and seamless data transfer from the desktop computer to mobiles devices running the application.

The items than can be shared from PC to Mobile are the likes of open tabs, bookmarks, form data, passwords, browsing history and all from an easy to use interface.

The Mozilla mobile web browser contains a feature known as Firefox sync, where all of the data is synchronised across to a mobile device.

Firefox 4 is reportedly three times faster in loading and running web pages, than the standard web browser that accompanies Android as its build on the same technology as the desktop version with enhancements surrounding the JavaScript engine and HTML5.

Tabbed browsing is also enabled on Firefox mobile, with the ability to hide the browser controls when not in use for the full screen web surfing experience.

Firefox 4 is now available from the Android Market, with support for 10 different languages and there’s even a version released for Maemo devices too.

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