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Amazon Stocking £299 Samsung Galaxy Tab

A second UK retailer, Amazon, will be selling the Samsung P1010, otherwise known as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Wi-Fi version, for a rather unexpected £299 including delivery.

The device is expected to be released on March 31st, nearly one week after the iPad 2 was launched. However, we did report that Best Buy started to sell the device last week already.

We also questioned the poor timing given that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G has been around since last year when it was introduced for more than £500. Its price has since fallen down to £399.

The P1010 is just like the Galaxy Tab without the 3G; you get a Samsung Hummingbird SoC clocked at 1GHz, 512MB RAM, 16GB onboard storage, a 7-inch 124x600 pixels capacitive screen, a front facing and a rear camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Android 2.2 and much more.

However, this version of the Galaxy Tab will find it difficult to compete with the iPad v1 or the iPad 2. The former can be had for as little as £289 (Apple certified refurbished units) while the later can be purchased online from £389.

The iPad 1 has a single core SoC like P1010 but only 256MB RAM and no camera. However, it does have a better battery life and a much bigger screen. Upgrading it to iOS 4.3 will ensure that it is consistently faster than the Galaxy Tab.

The iPad 2 on the other hand may be £90 more expensive than the Tab but it is far quicker, has a better, larger screen and battery life.