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Analyst Ups iPad 2 Shipment Expectations By 50 Per cent

Apple fans are still waiting in line for the iPad 2 tablet in the US more than two weeks after the tablet was launched leading one analysts to boost his estimated tablet shipment by a whopping 50 per cent to 30 million.

According to Appleinsider, Needham & Co's Analyst, Charlie World, issued a note saying sales of the iPad 2 next year would reach 40 million, a 33 per cent improvement on his previous predictions.

Earnings per share would increase to £23.25 this year and a staggering $27.35 next year, an increase of nearly 17 per cent.

He noted that "Attempting to forecast the growth trajectory of a new category of computers is difficult, if not perilous," before adding that "However, the launch of the iPad 2 so far exceeded our expectations that it was evident our 2011 and 2012 shipment forecasts were dramatically low."

Applications are still key to the iPad's success according to Wolf who notes that competing devices based on Honeycomb still don't have nearly enough native applications to attract customers although it should be noted that Honeycomb doesn't actually need applications to be coded for the platform per se.

He also slammed the Honeycomb interface for being overly complex for what it was intended, "an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for running applications written for Android."

As reported this morning, Apple's biggest problem is not about selling the iPad 2, it is actually trying to produce as many as them as is humanely possible.