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Bing Adds Twitter And Facebook Integration Features

Microsoft’s search engine Bing will now come integrated with social networking platforms Twitter and Facebook.

This new partnership between Bing and the two social networking giants will enable Bing users to access real time twitter and facebook updates, without having to leave Bing’s interface.

Bing’s new social search capabilities will allow users to view Facebook or Twitter status updates and new feeds, and at the same time, enable them to post their own updates or share links via Bing’s own interface.

The search for a news item will now not only show the relevant pages containing the news, but will also show what people have been saying about it on the social networking sites.

From within Bing's entertainment pages users will be able to post 'what's on your mind' updates directly to their facebook profile page.

Betsy Aoki, a senior programme manager from Bing wrote in her blog, "Whether it's a movie, a video game or even an artist, now you share your thoughts with just one click.”

Google, the arch rival of Bing, updated its Social Search last month with similar elements to Bing's new social network integration feature.

Bing's new features are currently available in the US only, users in other countries can expect the update by the year’s end.