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Evan Williams lessens Twitter role to start anew

When Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan started Blogger in 1999, they had no idea exactly what he were creating. Pyra Labs, the company behind Blogger, was eventually sold to Google in 2003, and in 2004, Williams decided to leave the search company and create a new venture.

After a podcasting company failed, he started Obvious Corp. with a few friends, a couple by the name of Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey among them. That company developed Twitter, which was spun into its own company in 2007.

Since Twitter's inception and increasing popularity, management has changed several times. Jack Dorsey stepped down as Twitter's first chief executive in 2008, while Williams took over the role as Dorsey moved to chairman of the board. Around six months ago, in October, Williams stepped down from the position to focus on "product strategy".

Yesterday, Williams posted on his blog, which is still hosted by Blogger, that he would be stepping even further away from Twitter, mainly to focus on new things.

"After stepping down from CEO six months ago, my mind started to wander," Williams wrote. "The reason I left Blogger/Google when I did is that I felt it had reached a place where it was on solid ground and in capible hands."

"Though still an independent company, I realized Twitter may be at a similar point today," Williams continued. "So, as reported in various places yesterday, I've decided to scale back my role at the company."

Williams refused to comment on what was next, but he did predict that Twitter would still remain to see great things. "It will be bigger and better."