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Hotmail Active View Adds Netflix, LinkedIn & LivingSocial

Microsoft has updated the Active View service on its Hotmail email platform, allowing users to interact with their LinkedIn and Netflix accounts, among other websites, directly from their inbox.

In a blog post, Microsoft explained that the feature which lets companies send emails to Hotmail users with embedded content such as photos, videos and documents, is offering deeper email interaction with invitations, updates, coupons and ratings. Until now users would have been required to open another web page.

The software giant had earlier introduced the Active View platform offering users the ability to view photo slideshows on Flickr, view documents and watch videos from YouTube and Hulu, right from their inbox.

The latest update to Active View, will let users reply to requests made on professional social networking platform LinkedIn, view and comment on photos shared via Posterous, as well as rate movies and arrange and update their existing streaming lists on Netflix, from within their email.

“The Active Views platform is an important part of our work to tailor Hotmail to the types of email you get every day. And the best part is that it allows for flexibility for partners while ensuring that you stay in control. We’re excited to see great sites like LivingSocial, Posterous, LinkedIn, Netflix, and others join us in making the experience possible,” Dick Craddock, the Group Program Manager for Hotmail, wrote on the blog.