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IE9 The Most Energy Efficient Browser, Microsoft Study Finds

Microsoft has claimed that Internet Explorer 9 is the most power efficient web browser on the market.

After conducting some 'real world' tests, the company concluded that its own web browser caused the lowest drainage on a laptop's battery.

In a blog post, Microsoft said that it had compared Internet Explorer 9's performance with Opera 11, Firefox 4, Chrome 10, and Safari 5 on an Intel based laptop computer.

The company measured the amount of watts the laptop consumed when the browsers were idling, running a news website and also running graphic intensive programs on the web browsers.

“The more efficiently a browser uses power the longer the battery will last in a mobile device, the lower the electricity costs, and the smaller the environment impact. While power might seem like a minor concern, with nearly two billion people now using the Internet the worldwide implications of browser power consumption are significant,” the company explained.

Microsoft also encouraged other browser makers to make their products as efficient as IE9, in order to contribute to the betterment of the environment. Incidentally, Google's Chrome web browser was found to be the highest power consumer among all the web browsers in Microsoft's study.