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iPad 2 fan gives gadget a wireless HDMI retrofit

One of the key features of iPad's recently released iPad 2 was its ability to stream full 1080p video to an HD TV.

The new function will soon see a rash of games, like Real Racer HD, breaking out of the confines of Apples 9.7-inch screen and onto the 50-incher in the living room at frame rates and image quality which will give the console kings a run for their money.

But who wants to play games on a device with a lumping great wire hanging out of the side of it? Certainly not a chap who goes by the name of eg0vorhuk who posted the YouTube video below showcasing his inelegant but intriguing iPhone/Wireless HDMI mash-up.

Using components purchased from US shopping nerdvana Fry's (UK readers should think Maplins for Americans, but about 300 times the size) the tinkerer managed to retrofit a $180 HDMI transmitter, a USB battery and all the cables necessary to turn his iPad into a wireless HD mirroring monster.

Even with all the unnecessary gubbins like cases and power supplies discarded, the extra kit added about two pounds to the weight and a fair amount to of girth to the normally svelt gadget, but as you'll see from the video it all works rather well, with little or no apparent lag.

We're not sure this is something Apple will be taking on-board in the foreseeable future, but it's not to much of a stretch to imagine that a clever peripheral maker will come up with a prettier - and hopefully lighter - version at some point, stuffed into a clip-on case of some sort.

Wireless HDMI gaming on the iPad 2 could be just around the corner, and we'd advise mister eg0vorhuk to get himself off to the patent office sharpish.