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O2 updates monthly tariffs

Mobile phone network O2 has unveiled new post pay mobile phone contracts, with better data allowances that also include internet tethering.

The new tariffs relate to the simplicity and flexibility products, with the latter offering 12 month contract durations with a zero cost for data tethering and for the very first time – where a mobile phone can be turned into a MIFI device without any surcharge.

O2’s new pay monthly contracts are for both upgrading and new customers, whilst simplifying the whole process for choosing a handset’s price plan.

The mobile phone network’s has now diversified from delivering standard tariffs that just offer a set amount of minutes, text messages and a data allowance.

O2 now offers their customers the ability to tailor the accompanying price plan to a mobile phone and even the contract length of time, with the amount of minutes, text message bundles and data allowance that come with the mobile.

Existing O2 customers can also change their contracts over to this new pick-n-mix scheme and benefit from the new set up, with some extra value offerings such as an extra 100MB of internet usage and the removal of the £7.65 data-tethering fee.

These variable custom-made tariffs were once only offered by go-betweens, such as Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4U and similar companies where now it appears that mobile phone networks are cutting out the middle man with these types of deals.

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