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Ruling On Digital Economy Act May Take Two Months

The government will not be able to implement the controversial Digital Economy Act for the time being, as the outcome of the judicial review initiated by ISPs BT and TalkTalk, could take months to be determined.

The court hearing regarding the Digital Economy Act, criticised for its strict measures in relation to file sharing, has closed but it could take two months before the outcome of the judicial review is decided, IT Pro reveals.

The move has put a stop to Ofcom's plans to start implementing the first steps of the DEA, which involves sending warning letters to thousands of alleged file sharers. If the file sharers continue in their illegal actions, then the government has the power to sever their broadband connections.

In the judicial review granted to BT and TalkTalk, the ISPs claimed that the DEA goes against an individual's privacy and is not compatible with European Union law.

The fourth day of the ongoing judicial review ended with the defendants concluding their arguments and claimants replying to them.

“It was stressed once again that these issues must be dealt with now, rather than in several years’ time when any damage will have already been done and subscriber appeals will have to be brought. Judgment will be handed down as soon as is reasonably practicable, but given the complexity of the arguments presented it is likely that this will be some time,” the Open Rights Group said in a statement.